Brief History


In 1993, Caribou Brewmasters opened on the corner of 22nd and Ogilvie st. Craft Brewing was born in Prince George. 

In 2016 Caribou Brewmasters changed its name to North Vines and the new wine (only) store was created. In  2019 Brewmasters opened its doors once again as Northern Brewmasters.

Thanks to owners (and brewers) Bryden, Jim and Ed we continue to offer an outstanding personal Craft Beer Brewing experience.  

Located across from North Vine Craft Winemaking, in the Nicholson Centre to keep everyone satisfied whether you like Beer, Wine, or Both!

We exclusively brew Craft Beer, with either On-Premise beer making or supply of fresh ingredients for the home Brewer, Northern Brewmasters has you covered.

The Environment

 We care about our carbon footprint and loving our local environment.  Northern Brewmasters Craft Beer is committed to living within a smaller Carbon Footprint. From the basic fundamentals of having consumers make and enjoy their beer locally, re-filling bottles (as opposed to single use bottles that get shipped to china for remaking into new bottles) to the grains and hops we purchase, we strive to be active stewards of our environment.