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Where to Start


On-Premises Beer making

You and your friends can brew 48 liter batches (12 doz. 12 oz bottles) to your specific taste profiles. In addition to a vast stock of malts, hops and yeast…you can add adjuncts such as honey, oatmeal, coriander, orange peel, star anise, whiskey oak chips and any other adjuncts that you might desire.

How much beer per kettle - 48 litres or 12 doz - 12 oz bottles  

How much do I pay  - Lite beers are $175 - Stouts are $215 Everything else is in the middle!

How do I get started  - Call to book your Kettle or drop by. 

Cornerstone recipes - After 25 years of brewing locally, Northern Brewmasters has hundreds of recipes that are cornerstone of beers from around the world. Pacific NW. Pale Ales, English Brown Ale, German Lager (both lite and dark), Authentic Czech Pilsners and on and on.

The sky is the limit for Craft Beer lovers - This is an understatement. When brewing small batch beers, you are at liberty to add any reasonable adjunct to shade the flavour profile of your beer. Additionally, as a default, our beers are filtered to one-tenth of one micron (really small). If you wish, we can either lightly filter your beer or not at all. Unfiltered beer suits certain styles of beer and personal tastes. Many Craft beers are being served cloudy which offers a more natural/flavourful beer and can  satisfy many palates.

Carbonation -  Your beer is carbonated with a state of the art carbonation machine. Precise control of carbonation is controlled for consistent carbonation every time. Whether you like it higher for you lite lagers and authentic pilsners or more “still” like your brown ales, we can carbonate it to your desire.

Prices - Each Kettle makes 48 L. batches (12 doz. - 12 oz bottles). Prices range from $175 - $215 per Kettle. Price includes everything except bottles. Northern Brewmasters welcomes and encourages you to reuse/refill your own bottles. We have both  semi-automated Glass bottle fillers and Plastic Bottle fillers. For customers who choose glass, any crown cap or swing top bottle will work. (Growlers and twist off cap bottles don’t work) For the crown cap bottles, we have a very fun pneumatic capper. 

Group Brewing at Northern Brewmasters

Many beer customers are interested in being included with a group. This has many advantages, mostly because you can get a variety of beers and bottle less than a full kettle amount. Drop by and chat with us, we can help you get connected with like minded beer geeks. 

Four-Pack Brewing - Northern Brewmasters has four Custom Brew Copper kettles. Get your friends together and brew all four kettles….we’ll give ya $60 off your bill. On Bottling day mix and match your beers or just enjoy the savings. 

On Tap


Beer on tap - Draught tap options 

  • At home - If you have your own Kegerator or tapped beer fridge, you can brew your beer at Brewmasters and serve it with your system. We use standard corny kegs and Quick Disconnect fittings. Talk to us about your system and we help you get set-up for on-tap beer. We can also wash you kegs on our barrel washer and clean your systems bi-yearly, in your homes.

- In the field - For those who require beer for a special event or a wedding, we have portable draught systems for rent. Brew your beer, about 5 weeks prior to your event, and you can pick it up in 3 small corny kegs, complete with dispensing cooler and CO2 tank. It works great and is a hit every time.